10 Bollywood Movies We Are Looking Forward To Watch In 2017

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2016 was a great year for Bollywood.Dangal and Sultan broke the box-office records.The New Year has begun and we movie buff’s couldn’t wait to watch the line-up of amazing movies in 2017.So here is the list of 10 movies we are looking forward to watching:

5 Unknown TV Shows of 2016 Which Are Worth Watching

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2016 in general has been a good year for television. We’ve got the new seasons of Game of Thrones , The Walking Dead etc. and some exciting new TV shows like Westworld as well. However, there are some shows that have gone under the radar, and listed below are five TV shows that are all pretty good, but not so popular right now-

The Politically Ravaging SAG Awards,2017

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Amidst the new legislative memorandums passed by Donald Trump, the biggest backlash it received is from the vocal film fraternity and SAG Awards were no less than a modern rendition of 12 Angry Men with an unanimous decision against the ban. Amidst all the controversies, here are the winners from the night.

Why We're Looking Forward to Raees and You Should Too.

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Trailer out on December 7 movie scheduled to be released on 26th January, 2017 (clashing with Hritik Roshan's Kaabil )

7 Disney Movies That Gave Valuable Life Lessons.

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Who doesn't like sitting back and enjoying a good-old Disney movie? They're not just the epitome of entertainment, packed with songs and wonderful visuals, they also deliver lessons that play on our heartstrings. There is no subject too deep for Disney to tackle: Death, family issues, heartbreak... did I mention death? Disney wanted you to be prepared for every harsh reality the world beyond your sit and spin could dish out. Here are some movies that we've learnt much from:

Splitsville Year: Have a look at all the couples that broke apart in 2016.

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RIP George Michael.

That being said, 2016 can be officially declared as an awful year for every field - economy, politics, Hollywood or foreign relations. So let's take a look at all the couples that broke apart this year.

Talk With Flag Bearers Of Hindi Cinema: The Directors

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By all accounts, 2016 was no great year for Hindi films, particularly if measured in terms of box office or footfalls. What was impossible to overlook however, is sheer variety of cinema that was an offer. The result of an often singular vision of directors, who boldly dared to go where few had gone before. From rousing biopics of rousing public figures to progressive thought-provoking dramas that hammered their message. From compelling recreations of true events, to engaging works of fiction. Some of the year's most interesting films reflected the passion and the commitment of the directors who did not hold back from the fear of failing. Ram Madhvani skillfully evoked the mounting tension within a hijacked flight cabin, literally transporting the viewers to the scene of the harrowing tragedy in Neerja . Nitesh Tiwari took the true story of a has-been wrestler and his two daughters and crafted an epic saga of sport, family and girl power in Dangal. Abhishek Chaubey maintained a tight grip on multiple narratives in Udta Punjab. Creating a powerful portrait of a landscape, marred by drugs. Shakun Batra minds genuine laughs especially tears from the simple premise of a family reunion, delivering an authentic portrait of human frailty in Kapoor and Sons . Ali Abbas Zafar fashioned a moving love-story, at the heart of a sport's film, shrewdly harnessing his superstar's leading man's charisma to carve a flesh and blood character in Sultan . And Karan Johar employed all the trappings of Hindi cinema, including chartbusting songs and heart-throb stars to deliver a fresh perspective on the messy business of unrequited love in ऐ दिल है मुश्किल . Between them, they made some of the best most successful or simply the most talked about films of 2016. The six film makers opened up about the steps they took, to win their actor's trust, the fears they are often crippled by and their cynicism about where the industry is headed, when they assembled to share their thoughts and perspective.

Best TV Series of 2016 That Had Us Waiting on Every Episode.

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As we are ready to bid farewell to 2016 , this seems like a fine time to cast our eyes back and evaluate the state of the year's small screen output.

2016 Won't Be Over Until You've Watched These Insanely Underrated Movies

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It’s almost the end of another astonishing year with a lot of great movies, and it’s been a very significant year for all the movie buffs out there. 2016 came with a lot of movies which people loved and also movies about which people never heard of. This year gave out a lot of great movies like Suicide squad, Captain America: civil war, Dead pool, Doctor strange and many more which gained the attention of the crowd. And here are some movies which are ignored and underrated but have a very strong story line and a stunning script but failed to reach out to the people. We are at a point where we don’t know whether to blindly believe into the ratings or to watch the movie our self and then reaching a conclusion. Here are some of the underrated movies which are most likely to be seen by a movie buff:.