5 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Wazir A Miss...

By Gauri P Kholkar | 4.9k |

One of the big ticket releases to look out for this year ,the trailer of Wazir has made sure of that. This movie is a must watch and we tell you why ...

Movies That Will Inspire You To Pack Yourself And Travel Around!

By Ashutosh Sharma | 1.1k |

Travelling is a stress reliever exercise. People took time out of their busy lives to travel to a new place. They meet new people, taste different cuisines, explore the new places. Films do help a lot in exploring a new place. Films act as a catalyst to make the reaction happen for your idea of traveling. Though there are lots of travel based movies but here are my favorites

Top 5 Saturday Night Live Skits That Will Leave You In Stitches

By Mohammed Hidhayat | 5.2k |

There are so many, way too many, that should be on this list. Yet, here we are rummaging through this sadistic piece of listicle. The choices of the shows that made to this final draft is probably because I was born in the late late-90s and I came across SNL only post my pubescent life and missed an awful lot of Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase. It would've been awesome growing up watching these comical legends but hey, I had Scooby Doo and Detective School Q.
Current Status: My interest in SNL was suddenly annulled by a random YouTube recommended sidebar video of Don Rickles. I'm kinda old school by the way.

Why Rey Is Probably The Best Thing To Happen To Star Wars: The Force Awakens

By Abdul Ahad Naushad | 4.8k |
So now that the cats out of the bag can all of us agree on how mind-blowingly awesome ‘The Force Awakens’ is? T’was a good day for the Star Wars Fandom when George Lucas handed over the reins of Lucasfilm to Kathleen Kennedy who, undaunted by the negative reception of the prequels, orchestrated the (re)awakening of the Force. She brought onboard JJ Abrams, Michael Arndt (who left early during production after giving a few great ideas) and the legendary Lawrence Kasdan to create the next chapter in the Star Wars saga.

10 Most Underrated Bollywood Movies of 2015

By Arindom Deka | 4.8k |

Every year Bollywood releases a numerous amount of movies. Some are good, some are terrible. And let's admit it, there are times when some bad movies do really good and some good movies are overlooked. Given below is a list of 10 underrated movies of 2015, that exceeded the expectations but didn't manage to get the audience it deserved.

Fan Ho Gaya - A Webseries That Even SRK Haters Will Enjoy.

By Arindom Deka | 4.6k |

Everyone in this world is a fan of someone. We all have a special love for a special idol. But there are some who don't just love their idols, they worship them. They are more than just FANS. These are people from different parts of the world and everyone of them are just the same as us. But there is something that sets them apart. Their passion, their love and their respect for their idols, whom they worship and consider their gods. Shah Rukh Khan has begun the promotional campaign for his upcoming movie FAN with a 5 part web series 'Fan Ho Gaya'. These are stories of people from various parts of the world who have one thing in common. They all love their idols. And love will be a small word. They worship them.

7 Reasons why we should look forward to Shaandaar

By Deepak Nair | 5.3k |

Shaandaar is one of the most awaited entertaining movies of the year. Here we list 7 reasons why people should look forward to Shaandar for:

Oscars 2016: More Than What Met the Eye And Leo Fans

By Abdul Ahad Naushad | 4.3k |

The 2016 Awards Season has come to an end and with it quite a few surprises as well (such as Spotlight winning Best Picture and Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) triumphing over Kate Winslet to win Best Supporting Actress). The 88th Academy Awards were held on the evening of the 28th of February at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Hollywood. The star-studded event is considered one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the world, on par with the likes of Cannes. Here’s some trivia about the Oscars-

Nepotism in Bollywood- A Bet on Genes?

By Mahima Paliwal | 1.5k |

Since this is all over the media right now I thought why not share my thoughts on it and maybe help people develop a new perspective on it. Almost every single article coming out right now, is adding more fuel to fire that should have doused out a long time ago. I am not saying public issues are not meant to be explored or that our celebrities should keep mum on such topics. All I am saying is that more than the talk of nepotism and unfairness in general, this topic has become a Kangana Raunat vs the bred industry fight. Now I know that whenever people are treated unfairly in terms of talent and work opportunities it really bothers a large section of the nation and it must be discussed. Its good to see everyone sort of joins forces, however it doesn't work always. As people hear a topic or a statement by a celebrity, they quickly identify themselves with it. Due to past experience or the fear of future interactions and set an opinion on proving their point of view is right, but actually just end up criticising others for their point of views. People really need to weigh opinions and policies from both sides and look at the bigger picture, in terms of Bollywood maybe even the hidden picture. What I mean by this will become clear, as you will read on.

Fantabulous Q-tiyapa Team is Finally Back

By Ashutosh Sharma | 1.2k |

The Viral Fever is an online digital entertainment channel. Since its inception, it has become very popular because of the content of their videos. TVF did a very fantastic job with their videos. They uploaded their first video on 14 March 2011, named INGLORIOUS SENIORS : Ragging Qtiyapa (Theatrical Trollers) and has over a million views. They have covered various topics like Indian politics, movies, bachelor's lifestyle, general lifestyle, Common family conversations, social concepts and much more.