The Foreigner: RGV's Short Film - Dark Erotic Thriller or Creepy

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As Ram Gopal Verma announced few months ago, he has finally released his first short under RGVTalkies named The Foreigner. And from the looks of it, he definitely meant it when he said his content will be full of erotism, horror and thriller as The Foreigner definitely is all of them packed together to quite an extent.

The short immediately opens with this.
And that's how you get an audience
And immediately takes us to this shot reminiscent of Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct
As the name suggests, The Foreigner is the story of a foreigner woman living in India and four Indian men who quickly get attracted to her, to be more precise, they start lusting over her. I mean how could he stop staring right?
When does anyone get a chance like this!
Well, men afterall!
The four men soon take her friendliness in a wrong way and deduce that she is basically asking for it. As one of the four men even says, "In foreigner logo ka kya hai na, in ko kisi ke saath bhi sone ko jamta hai." And to try out their luck all four go and try to introduce themselves, somewhat like a lot of Bollywood movies.
How could you blame them? If she is dressed like that right?
Or sits like this!
The story then takes a twist as it turns into a thriller where she discovers that there is someone else in the house and what she is wearing at that moment?
And ofcourse the main struggle takes place like this.
The old tradition of the damsel in distress always in her underwear.
The short definitely has inspirations from many other erotic thrillers like I Spit on Your Grave and The Last House on the Left .
The short also uses the grand score of Interstellar by Hans Zimmer and so much so as to we are confused how come a score used in a movie about space travel is found in an erotic thriller!
Maybe Matthew McConaughey would have been interested in exploring this zone too!

Well enough of teasing

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