Indian Movies That Used VFX To Make Us Believe How Real The Scenes Were

By Shikhar Srivastava | 1.4k |

Over time, we have seen quite a number of Hollywood flicks rendering jaw-dropping visual effects, which makes the film more mesmerizing, and have been applauded for the same. Now, many directors in India are also using the same formula, and have been both praised and criticized for the same. Praises for making the efforts, and critics for making it more like a cartoonish one. Also, many of the vfx companies have gained the limelight for their efforts, like Double Negative, Red Chillies Vfx, Makuta Vfx, Ilm, and the list is endless. But the truth is that it's all shot in front of a green screen and later animated. So, here are some of the movies that became a talk of the town for the same.


This film had become one of the most anticipated films, mostly in the Telugu speaking areas. After its release, it had received a lot of praise for its quality of visuals. The grandeur of the kingdoms, the hills, the fight sequences, all was praised, and it also deserved it. It was directed by Rajamouli, whom everyone in India might be familiar with now. It did well down in the south but wasn't successful up in the north.
Ram Charan was specifically praised for his performance.


This 2010 S. Shankar directorial narrates the story of a Humanoid Android, who falls in love with his scientist's girlfriend, and later goes on a rampage in the city. The film had been in the making for almost 2 years and was one of the most anticipated movies in South, all because of the name, Rajnikanth. Rajnikanth wasn't the only magnetic factor in the film. The film had boasted of jaw-dropping visual, and it was made on such a scale, that no other movie in India at that time could have even thought of reaching to its level. The film received praise for all its factors- storyline, acting, music, and the almost Hollywood scale visuals. This film is a landmark of Indian cinema.
The film makes a good use of prosthetics and animatronics.


This film is based around a game developer, who creates a game much to his son's wish. But later, the game's villain comes out of the game and hunts to find down his son and kill him. This film was also highly anticipated, and the trailers and teasers, all had made the people and fans anxious. The film's visual effects received universal praise, and those weren't common in India. So it was a whole new experience for the audience. But the screenplay was panned, which might have become a resistive factor for the film to succeed. Still, it had quite amazing vfx shots, which are worthy of acclaim.
Khan's performance was being praised by everyone.


A man reincarnates into a mosquito, in order to take revenge from the person who killed him in his previous life. The film's concept of reincarnation is a cliched one, but that into a mosquito is never talked of before. It was Rajamouli's second Visual extravaganza after Magadheera. This film opened to positive reviews by both critics and audiences alike. Though it didn't gain much recognition in the north.
The concept and the visuals, were quite acclaimed.

Krrish 3

Krish is India's first ever superhero franchise. Krish inherits his power from his father, who himself gains power from an alien, which was shown in its prequel, Koi Mil Gaya. The film was released and its visuals were praised. Some commented it to be a bit cartoonish, but overall, they were good to watch. The story and music were panned.
Kangana's perfromance was praised by critics.

Baahubali: The Beginning

It was another Rajamouli venture, which had kingdoms, palaces, fights, kings and war. The film had generated a lot of buzz, as many Hollywood artists and technicians had worked on this project. And their efforts weren't wasted. The film opened to much critical and audience acclaim, for its story, score, and the advanced visuals, which literally no one would have thought of till now. The waterfalls, the Mahismati kingdom, the bull fight, and the half-an-hour long war sequence, all are a landmark of Indian cinema. It was the first example of a regional film, that excelled up in the north too. It's ending had left a cliffhanger, which was revealed in its sequel, the advantage of which it got.
The waterfall sequence received special mentions by critics.

Bajirao Mastani

This film is based on the life of Peshwa Bajirao, a Maratha Ruler. The film had some really stunning war sequences, and the kingdoms were best designed. It was a visual treat. The song Deewani Mastani is a trademark of the visuals in the film.
The performances of all the cast was praised by critics.


The film was marketed as a fantasy adventure with some really unforeseen visuals. The latter part proved to e true. The visuals were really good. They might look a bit sloppy in between. But its storyline and music was panned. Actor Vijay's fans might have enjoyed the songs, but really, they weren't that good. Still, I would praise its visuals.
Vijay won everyone's heart with his performance.


It was Ajay Devgn's directorial debut, and was quite anticipated after the release of its trailer and teaser. It promised a visual treat with some defying action sequences. But it didn't live upto the expectations of the audiences. Although it's mountaineering sequence was of the Hollywood level.
The storyline was criticised, but its visual are astonishing.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

It was the sequel to the film, that had become a pan India hit. The film was highly anticipated as it had to answer one question- why did Katappa kill Baahubali? It released to favorable reviews from critics, and audiences too loved it, making it the first Indian movie to cross 1000 crores worldwide. Its visuals are also stunning very much like its predecessor. But it was way ahead of it.
It was the highest grossing Indian movie, until Dangal overtook it.

Honourable mentions of films that had great special effects, but they were seamless.

Chennai Express

Dhoom 3






This film had been making in the making for almost 2 years. We had been hearing of rumors from the film every now and then, and all this fueled the speculation and hype. Everyone was surprised to see Khan as a dwarf. It was one of the most anticipated films. Khan's character was shot using optical illusion tech, which made the character look tall or dwarf. This tech had been used in Lord of the Rings.
It'll be interesting to see how the film performs at the box office.

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