Hotstar Watch Party: Turn Movie Watching To A Cherishable Experience

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Are you planning for a movie night? Wait, we have a perfect watch party browser extension that will transform your movie night into a fun-filled bonding experience with your pals. Flickcall, which is a privacy-focused extension to launch the Hotstar watch party, is loaded with excellent features for all.
Despite the fact that there are many such tools on the market, Flickcall is the only one that allows you to make a real-time video call while watching a movie and is compatible with all major OTT platforms. Whether you are eager to watch Money Heist or are intending for WandaVision, Flickcall is there.
So, let us look at the top features that make Flickcall a perfect Hotstar watch party extension. But before we find out the features of the same, let us see why most of the people are confused regarding the working of the Hotstar watch party.

Reasons for Hotstar Watch Party Not Working?

There are chances that while you plan to use the chrome extension Hotstar watch party, you come across a message stating, "Hotstar watch party not working." This is true for the various other extensions available for the same purpose due to various performance reasons. The most common ones are as follows:

  1. 1. The extensions like Hotstar Party are not updated or maintained that restricts the user to use it.
  2. 2. Most of the extensions that mention they support all OTT platforms are sometimes supporting a limited number of platforms or some specific ones only.
  3. 3. The extension you are planning to use is not supported or has quite a complex set up process, making it difficult to use.

While you will face various issues with multiple extensions available, Flickcall is one that is quite easy and simple to use in all respects.

The Most Efficient Hotstar Watch Party Extension

Standing out of the crowd is a must to have competitive leverage. With the robust features and quality support, Flickcall has emerged to be the best organizer of watch parties for Hotstar. So here are the top features to look for:

- Live Video Chat

While some OTT platforms have their own watch party extensions, and others, such as Scener or TwoSeven, can sync with OTT platforms, they all lack one key feature: live real-time video chat. Flickcall addressed the issue and enabled the live video chat option. Watching the expressions of friends and family while a watch party on Hotstar is going on is an experience to cherish.

- Video Synchronization

While hosting the Hotstar watch party, the biggest concern is video lagging. Various extensions do not support the video synchronization feature, making it difficult for all viewers to enjoy. But with Flickcall, all the viewers in the watch party can enjoy the movie or series with fun and no lagging. The video synchronization allows the users to experience the best movie with the unbeatable experience of the Hotstar watch party.

- Quick And Easy Installation

Installation is one of the biggest challenges that is faced while using the watch party extensions. Scener and TwoSeven are a few examples that lack vertical integration making them challenging to use. Flickcall, on the other hand, is a Hotstar watch party extension and is great in terms of installation. With just a click on the logo after starting the video, you can start the watch party in no time. Share the link with your friends, start enjoying the movie with unlimited fun, and chat. Also, the smart extension pauses the mic when the video is on and enables the mic when the video is paused, allowing a seamless experience.

- Smart Mic System

Extensions like Scener, TwoSeven, Hotstar Party, or Watch5gether do not have the smart mic feature. Most of these extensions are not updated or offer the latest features required to make a watch party a fun experience. It means that every time a user is willing to talk during the watch party, he must manually turn on and off the mic and communicate. Likewise, you should switch off the mic to start the movie back. Flickcall is a Hotstar watch party extension with a smart mic system. It automatically pauses the video when the mic is on and vice versa, making it easier for the members to enjoy and communicate.

- Binge Watch Facility

Binge-watch is enjoyed by all, especially during weekends. But the extensions like Scener and others do not offer the option to enjoy binge-watching. Flickcall resolved the problem. Start by creating the list of movies or series episodes you are planning to watch and start the Hotstar watch party. This way, you can enjoy the binge-watch sessions with your friends with no hassle.

- Privacy Aimed

Watch party on Hotstar is more fun when there is no breach of privacy. Flickcall is based on peer-to-peer technology that makes the chat and streaming completely encrypted between the users with no server interference. It means that whatever communication is taking place using Flickcall remains between the users only without any third-party interference. Ensuring no data breach or third-party interference, using this extension is a perfect choice.

How To Organise A Watch Party On Hotstar?

With the Flickcall, a perfect Hotstar watch party extension, you can literally enjoy any entertainment content that you wish.An uncanny way to reunite with friends and family, it is indeed a great way. The steps that are to be followed to organize the Hotstar watch party are:
  • - Search for Flickcall on google
  • - You will get a link to get the extension
  • - Install the extension on the Google browser
  • - Now login to your Hotstar account
  • - Select the movie or series that you are planning to watch together
  • - There will be a small Flickcall icon on the top corner. Click on it.
  • - It will prompt "Start Flickcall." Click on it.
  • - Now it will display a menu with the option "Start Party". Click on it.
  • - You will get the option to copy the link.
  • - Click on it to get the link for the watch party.
  • - Share with friends and family.
  • - Ask them to join to start the watch party for Hotstar.
  • How To Watch An IPL Live Match or any other Sports With Friends?

    Watching a live match is an unbeatable experience that one can have. Recently, Hotstar launched the feature to watch the IPL match live with friends known as ‘Watch With Your Friends.’ It is a great option; this allows a video call option for a maximum of 5 friends to watch an IPL match. But it still lacks the feature to watch the match in full-screen mode and limits the number of users.
    On the contrary to this, the Hotstar watch party option offered by Flickcall allows the user to enjoy the match on full screen with no lagging or delays. Making it easier to transform an IPL into one great binge-watching experience, the video call, smart mic system, and privacy feature make it even more practical and efficient.


    Watch parties on Hotstar is a tool to bring people closer and develop a stronger bond. Allowing participants to interact and share the time is one fantastic way to make you feel closer to your friends and families, even when sitting far away. So, get the Flickcall extension and start the Hotstar watch party today!