5 Biggest Movie Flops of 2017

By Anamika S | 1.2k |

Though 2017 went well in general, there were some major flops too. Here is a list of some major films that couldn't do well at the box office. Blade Runner and mummy expected a huge box office return but didn't turn out to be so.

1. Blade Runner 2049

Directed by Dennis Villeneuve this starred Ryan Gosling in the lead role. There are lot of reasons that is attributed to the failure of this movie at the box office including the lack of female stars, the problem in connecting to this sequel and the fact that the movie is exceptionally long.

2. The Mummy

Tom Cruise, is in the lead role in this movie, which turned out to be a box office disaster. The major reason is attributed to the success of Wonder Woman as both the movies were released around the same time. IR couldn’t connect to the audience as a sequel to the Mummy Trilogy and also received really bad reviews.

3. CHiPS

An attempt to do something about the 1977 TV Series turned out to be an utter disaster. It had nothing new to offer and had a powerful competition with two movies released at the same time- Power Rangers and Life. It received dreadful critic as well as user reviews.

4. Ghost in the Shell

The movie had Scarlett Johansson in the lead and it was directed by Rupert Sanders. But sadly manga and anime remakes don’t have much audience in Hollywood anymore. IT could make just 40 million dollars while the production cost alone was 200 million dollars.

5. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Charlie Hunnam, Guy Ritchie and special effects couldn’t save King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword. It turned out to be one of the biggest box-office flop of last year. The failure is attributed to a poor planning and the lack of female actors in its cast.
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