1001 Gram - An Altered Life

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In the following article we will highlight real life and science embedded to logic in (1001 Grams) film, by focusing on continual life routine and it's rule in making decisions; marking it as "efficacious negative".

1001 Gram leading for a Physical Substitution

In 2018 after 130 years BIPM (International Bureau of Weights and Measures) looked for a new measurement, afterwards during a conclave including delegates from 60 nations attended the vote, each responsible for the standardization of units in their own country. The effort was replacing kilogram's physical definition to a new one by using a calculation based on Planck’s constant, or h, which can be thought of as the smallest amount of energy possible, and some of the other base units were also redefined: ampere, kelvin, mole and other derived units; volt, ohm, and joule which are now linked to constants of nature. These changes will lead to new technologies, especially quantum computing. "We will now no longer be bound by the limitations of objects in our measurement of the world, but have universally accessible units that can pave the way to even greater accuracy, and even accelerate scientific advancement." said Barry Inglis, President of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM).
Arnold Nicolaus, of the Physical-Technical Federal Agency, shows a silicon ball next to a copy of the kilogram prototype in Brunswick, Germany. Photograph: Jochen Luebke/EPA

Concept of Love in 1001 Gram

The film is all about exquisite changes and consequence which are derived and based on dialectics, from all points where Love is a fundamental part which can compel a movement and create change in beliefs or any systematic foundations. it manifests love's effect as effective as a photon's slightest movement in quantum measuring. In reality of routine life, paying attention to the smallest action which we used to, like: shooting light rays on things, eye blinking, turning lights on and off, eating, and saying can be absurd. But in the matter of virtue they can leave great changes on our social morality and deeds, either way on a scientific side those can lead to great changes which time will reveal afterwards. And most of the time the changes of physical quantities will effect fundamental thoughts and ideas for decisions we make later in our life. And love will constantly be a part of any decision which could effect behavior, results and outcomes.

Self-consciousness is finding Life meanings

I always consider the importance of Self and focus on Self-Awareness in my Articles and Analysis; as a fundamental and basic point of thinking. in 1001 Gram film, Self is portrayed as a partial explicit being; which gives the meaning of essence as an issue in making choices and having obvious role. Marie (Ane Dahl Torp) as the protagonist of the film, roles as a physical scientist, has an open and deep personality at the same time, which is natural. Marie is a combination of Grief, Loneliness and a single Quantum molecule. She is pretty and simple, living her life briskly. She has given opportunity to attend a seminar in Paris to discuss the actual weight of a kilo, and her own disappointments, grief and love. It's here where routine roles in all things, frequent Works and Life Style effect Marie's Will and Own nature. She always sleep on the same bed, friend of the same loneliness, follows the same road by the same car, smokes at the same place at her work. But we notice that what breaks routine are natural matters: Death, Love, Accident and Events. This can be the answer of the question which is: What breaks routine? And this breaking in reality, is understanding life and finding it.

Cinematography of 1001 Gram

Director Bent Hamer alongside the poetic imagery of John Christian Rosenlund as the film's Cinematographer, matches reality with fictional thoughts. Hamer unlike all other directors on formalist-realistic scale, combines Drama, Comedy and Tragedy all together, we can say that by noticing the scenes in 1001 Gram film, when the imagery is blended with color as a symbolic meanings for the atmosphere and the thoughts of the characters while they go through different feelings and hard conditions. In the film Color has a major role in telling us what's going on and how things are. The color (Blue) has the greatest meaning and covers most of the scenes, this will lead the audience to understanding, yet the film is not based on symbolism and the meanings of are all clear.
Bent Hamer and photographer John Christian Rosenlund on the film set off «1001 gram» i 2014. Photo: Norsk Filmdistribusjon

The Protagonist

Actress (Ane Dahl Torp) forms the real existence of Marie's characteristics and her behaviors. Torp's acting is a real Property of Marie's ethics as a scientist, And she brings Marie to a real environment where we believe in it's existence, This is where we get to a collision that what is really happening with Marie is all real. Torp made it all look real, easily as it was a Documentary film; we could believe in all the scenes and their matters. On the other side, we feel the true Problem of being a female on a great scientific scale of connection and real world. Through Marie, Torp tells us that all the burden which a female gets is equal in all society's aspects.


The interesting fact is that this film 1001 Gram was made in 2014, when there was no idea or any real effort in order to change the measurement of base units. At the same time the film talks about the real problem of kilo and it's accurate number, it highlights the changes that a quantum molecule creates with the smallest action possible. It brings out those changes and fixes them with reality and feelings. It was pure, beautiful and well rolled film. By the rating stars which MMR has set, i give it: 3.5/5

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