• Air date: 14 Oct '21 7 episodes
      This season, Kevin has to move 25 kilometres away to a new claim, but discovers the path to the new location is blocked by late spring snow. With his wife Sarah, his sons Erik and Jack and his right-hand man Coleman, the life-long logger and sawmill operator struggles to overcome one obstacle after another, as the crew face a desperate shortage of the lucrative red ceder. With only 16 weeks to pull in enough logs to pay off a million dollar penalty the government slapped on him for leaving wood
  • List of Episodes (7)
    • 1. Ready to Start

      14 Oct '21
      Faced with a desperate shortage of red cedar because his timber claim is still snowed in, Kevin takes to the high seas to salvage beached logs to serve his clients and pay a million dollar government penalty.
    • 2. Mountain High

      21 Oct '21
      With his timber claim still snowed in, Kevin and crew push the limits of his small boat to try and salvage more logs on the Alberni Inlet; Sarah plans a surprise for Kevin's birthday.
    • 3. You Can't Always Get What You Want

      28 Oct '21
      As Kevin's log salvaging operation struggles, he pins his hopes on getting back up to his mountain timber claim; a long-time mill hand quits, leaving big shoes to fill.
    • 4. Don't Stop Believing

      04 Nov '21
      Kevin kicks into high gear to haul as much red cedar from the mountain as he can. Sarah helps with a massive reforestation effort and gets Kevin to create a custom wooden table for a client.
    • 5. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

      18 Nov '21
      With the mill still desperately short of red cedar, Kevin moves his log salvaging operation to Barkley Sound to chase bigger logs; Sarah hustles to keep her clients happy.
    • 6. Under Pressure

      25 Nov '21
      After Kevin almost loses his log salvaging bounty, he heads back up the mountainside to blast a huge boulder in his way, while the risk of forest fires threatens to shut him down.
    • 7. The Gambler

      02 Dec '21
      Just as Kevin gets back to his timber claim, the risk of forest fires shuts them down before he can get started. Forced back to log salvaging, he discovers his boat might not be up to the task.