• Air date: 16 Nov '19 58 episodes
      The offbeat adventures of 10-year-old Cricket Green, a mischievous and optimistic country boy who moves to the big city with his wildly out of place family – older sister Tilly, father Bill and Gramma Alice.
  • List of Episodes (58)
    • 51. Fast Foodie

      13 Mar '21
      When a Burger Clown franchise opens next door, Cricket tries to prove to Bill that he can eat fast food for every meal with no ill effects.
    • 52. Spaguetti Theory

      13 Mar '21
      Tilly and Cricket debate whether the lives of people in Big City are intertwined.
    • 53. Ding Dongers

      20 Mar '21
      Remy uses Cricket’s antics to gain views and likes on a new video-sharing app.
    • 54. Animation Abomination

      20 Mar '21
      When Cricket and Tilly learn that Gloria has an internship at the animation studio that produces their favorite cartoon, they beg her to bring them for a visit.
    • 55. The Van

      27 Mar '21
      Gramma and Cricket are upset that an ugly van has been parked in front of their house for what seems like forever.
    • 56. Bat Girl

      27 Mar '21
      Nancy joins Cricket and Tilly’s community center little league team.
    • 57. Cousin Jilly

      03 Apr '21
      Cricket's cousin Jilly swings by Big City to visit.
    • 58. Gloria's Café

      10 Apr '21
      Gloria hopes to open her own café.