• Air date: 12 Aug '14 13 episodes
      The upstairs and downstairs worlds collide when this young and single crew of "yachties" live, love and work together onboard a luxurious mega yacht while tending to the ever-changing needs of their wealthy, demanding charter guests.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Shut Your Porthole!

      12 Aug '14
      Tempers flare on deck as the crew hustles to prepare the boat for their first group of charter guests, a larger-than-life group of fun-loving southerners. A rowdy, randy charter guest wants to get very friendly with new deckhand, Andrew. Meanwhile, sparks fly as new crewmembers Kelley and Jennice get extra flirty in their co-ed bunk, and a rookie mistake leads the crew to believe that one of their own may be a liability.
    • 2. Hex on the Beach

      19 Aug '14
      As the crew enjoys a boozy night out at a beach bar, a frightening accident brings the night to a sudden halt. Kate grows increasingly unhappy with Kat’s bad attitude and constant complaining, but is Kat acting out because she fears Kate and Ben are getting just a little too close? Andrew hopes to make amends for his mistakes by giving the female guests a special performance on the skydeck. As the crew enjoys a boozy night out at a beach bar, they probe for details about Kat and Amy’s tense
    • 3. Mojitos Mo’ Problems

      26 Aug '14
      Kate is annoyed by the new charter guests and their ongoing demands for special attention. Andrew makes a stunning admission to Captain Lee that affects the entire crew. While Kelley and Jennice wrestle with their feelings for one another, things heat up in the galley as Ben gives a hands-on cooking lesson to his flirty female guests. Captain Lee’s decision about tip distribution is made more difficult by whispers of mutiny from some of his crew.
    • 4. Charter Guest Soulmate

      02 Sep '14
      Captain Lee has to make a decision about how to handle Andrew.
    • 5. Bitchy Resting Face

      09 Sep '14
      Will the combined fury of an angry Mother Nature and an even angrier Kate ruin this charter?
    • 6. Strains, Stains, and a Big Pain

      16 Sep '14
      Kat is blindsided by a surprise visit from her former Chief Steward Adrienne Gang.
    • 7. She'd Better Not Be Staying

      23 Sep '14
      The Ohana crew is very unhappy to learn Adrienne will be coming onboard as a guest.
    • 8. New Kid On the Dock

      30 Sep '14
      Everybody is happy when the new deckhand, Logan Reese, finally arrives.
    • 9. You're Grounded

      07 Oct '14
      Kelley and Jennice make a definitive decision about their relationship.
    • 10. Premature Corkulation

      14 Oct '14
      The new charter guests turn the Ohana sky deck into a stock trading floor and Logan turns on the charm towards the primary guest’s model girlfriend.
    • 11. Dry Land, Damp Eyes

      21 Oct '14
      Tensions within Ohana's crew reach their boiling point as they prepare for the season's final charter.
    • 12. Crew Tells All

      28 Oct '14
      The Ohana crew from season 2 tells all.
    • 13. Reunion

      04 Nov '14
      The Ohana crew reunites to talk about the charter season.