• Air date: 21 Nov '22 5 episodes
      New location, new boat, steamy romances and intense drama on board push Captain Lee and his crew to the edge like never before: "Prepare to abandon ship!"
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • 1. Love Never Lasts at the Beach

      21 Nov '22
      St. David welcomes aboard a few familiar faces including chef Rachel, and Fraser has been crowned chief stew; Captain Lee reveals a medical condition that could affect the whole season.
    • 2. Deadliest Snatch

      28 Nov '22
      Conflict ensues in the interior department between Alissa and Camille while a romance heats up between Camille and Ben; Rachel is forced to pivot when her dinner entrée turns up rotten; the guests have a night of debaucherous fun.
    • 3. The Muff-Truff Experience

      05 Dec '22
      An essential missing ingredient sets up Rachel's multicourse dinner for disaster; Fraser realizes he needs a different approach to his management style after witnessing an embarrassing spat between his interior team.
    • 4. The Thunder From Down Under

      12 Dec '22
      Camille's lack of work ethic starts to wear thin on the entire crew; having to choose between Alissa and Katie, Ross decides he wants to have his cake and eat it too; romance blossoms with Ben and Camille.
    • 5. His Watch Has Ended

      19 Dec '22