Baby Come Naa : Season 1

    • Air date: 01 Nov '18 6 episodes
  • List of Episodes (6)

    1. Two Much

    • Aditya divides his days between Sarah and Sophie. But one day his arrangement is disturbed when Sarah visits unannounced.

    2. Double Trouble

    • With Sarah confined to the bedroom, Aditya and Yoyo try their best to keep Sophie out of her sight.

    3. Singh is Kinky

    • A perfect recipe of confusion cooks in the house as Mona catches Yoyo in a compromising position with Sarah.

    4. Lag Gaye Londe

    • More confusion and drama await Aditya and Yoyo when Tara Singh, Mona, and Sophie are all present in the house. How will Aditya get out of this situation?

    5. Coochie Coochie Hota Hai

    • Aditya wears a disguise and pretends to be his mother. He tries to seduce Tara Singh to keep him distracted.

    6. Season Finale : Kya Screwed Hai Hum