• Air date: 31 Jan '20 10 episodes
      Brought back together after 17 years of separation, sisters Aaina and Myra Bisht discover they have supernatural powers and start a brand-new journey with Ardhsatya - World's First Detective Agency for the dead.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. The Reunion

      31 Jan '20
      Meet Aaina and Myra Bisht, estranged sisters with a strange past. Find the truth with them about their own heritage.
    • 2. The Powers

      31 Jan '20
      Aaina and Myra work towards solving their father's case and discovering their new-found powers.
    • 3. The Betrayal

      07 Feb '20
      Aaina and Myra contemplate starting Ardhsatya PI Agency with a new case in hand.
    • 4. The Visitor

      14 Feb '20
      Aaina and Myra are visited by an angry spirit from Myra's past.
    • 5. The Judgement

      21 Feb '20
      Can Aaina and Myra find the universal truth in this twisted mystery?
    • 6. The Obsession

      28 Feb '20
      Can Aaina & Myra find this silent killer?
    • 7. The Tragedy

      06 Mar '20
      When Arjun is struck with personal tradegy, Aaina and Myra aim at finding the truth and getting him closure.
    • 8. The Sleepless Night

      13 Mar '20
      Aaina and Myra are stuck with an unsolvable case.
    • 9. The Victim

      20 Mar '20
      When Aaina's past comes to haunt, will Myra help her fight her demons?
    • 10. The Fight

      27 Mar '20
      In the season finale, Aaina and Myra fight against Aaina's past and stumble upon new powers.