• Air date: 21 Jan '19 12 episodes
      Have you been building up a collection of Americana over the past 50 years or so? If so, then Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz may pay you a visit one day. The Midwestern pickers travel across America in search of rare artifacts and national treasures that they can buy from the collectors they visit and then sell in their antiques shops or, in some cases, put in their personal collections. They often have to dig through boxes or piles filled with items that have accumulated over the years, which are
  • List of Episodes (12)
    • 1. Pick Your Battle

      21 Jan '19
      Mike and Danielle pick an over-the-top, tiki-party-meets-rockabilly home while Frank and Robbie set their sights on a vast collection hidden in the fortified bunkers of an old army base.
    • 2. The Great Pickoff

      28 Jan '19
      The great pick-off continues as Mike and Danielle continue their team effort to take on Frank and Robbie for ultimate picking bragging rights.
    • 3. Picker's Dozen

      04 Feb '19
      A century-old Italian grocery store turned time capsule features an early 20th century delivery truck and a secret crypt that's calling Mike's name.
    • 4. Presidential Picks

      11 Feb '19
      The Pickers are on a Presidential Trail as Mike and Danielle head for Pennsylvania while Frank and Robbie are on a whistle stop tour of North Dakota.
    • 5. Pick Like a Honey Badger

      25 Feb '19
      Mike and Frank are itching to see what is inside a barn that has been off limits for a quarter of a century. And while Mike makes like a honey badger, bundle master Frank strikes again.
    • 6. Raiders of the Lost Pick

      04 Mar '19
      Mike and Danielle crawl into a Pittsburgh time capsule while Frank and Robbie plow through six generations of stuff on one of Michigan's oldest farms.
    • 7. Rock 'n' Roll Heaven

      11 Mar '19
      It's all Rock and Roll as the guys tackle the painstaking preservation of Aerosmith's original tour van while a star-struck Frank picks one of his teen idols.
    • 8. Pick This Way

      18 Mar '19
      Aerosmith's legendary tour van gets an overhaul just in time for a visit from Rock'n'Roll royalty
    • 9. The Michigan Madman

      20 May '19
      The guys stumble upon two of the fastest motorcycles ever built and they are determined to save them from oblivion.
    • 10. The Mysterious Madame X

      27 May '19
      Mike and Mefford, the mechanic, are on the hunt for Madame X -- a legendary one-of-a-kind 1929 Cadillac. But is it real?
    • 11. Space Invaders Smackdown

      03 Jun '19
      The guys are ready to light up the sky when they pick a Detroit warehouse packed with vintage searchlights. Then Frank risks everything on a game of Space Invaders.
    • 12. Frank Meet Brank

      10 Jun '19
      The guys have high hopes when they uncover a sexy 1935 Auburn roadster on an Indiana farm, but end up with just a kiddie ride instead.