• 3.5/5

Saw The Revenant tonight with Mark. This article is spot on. I had to see if for myself, but I don't recommend you go see it. I suppose Leo is due an Oscar for his career body of work, but not in my mind for crawling through snow and breathing heavily for two and a half hours. You saw the whole thing in the trailer. For all that is holy, let another film win Best Picture this year.

"I’ll summarise the plot for you: man seeks revenge, man gets revenge. That’s it, basically, for two and a half hours, though there is a brief reprieve when you get to see Leonardo DiCaprio being mauled by a grizzly bear."

Yes, the cinematography was beautiful and that tracking shot in the beginning skirmish amazing. But just how many lines did women have? One? Yes, it was "I'll cut your balls off" so I'll thank the scriptwriter for that one, but I am weary of watching male torture porn. WEARY!

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