Outdone by the Book!
[contains spoilers]

I haven’t done a bluray/dvd review of films for a long time and after much trepidation I saw one of my most UN-Anticipated films of 2016.

Inferno is based on a Dan brown novel of the same name with his main character Robert Langdon as the hero, so obviously Tom Hanks makes a return in his iconic yet much critically panned role.

This movie is notable for how Hollywood managed to screw the pooch on a GREAT and VERY suspenseful story.

This is the best novel Dan Brown has written post Da vinci Code and somehow the Hollywood screen writers thought, that they are smarter and more intelligent.

So they changed the VERY thing that made the book unique.

Since this is a year-old film, SPOILERS ahead.

The books ending is BLEAK. The plot Robert is trying to stop already took place a week ago and they can’t stop anything. The virus is released and makes half the population infertile.

Amazing ending twist. This could have made a very Chris Nolan type of film with twists and turns and then finally. A huge surprise in the end.

But the movie goes for a fanatic terrorist sort of angle in the end with bombs and knives and stabbing and shootings. It just doesn’t work.

This shows in the critical response, the box office and the audience rating.

I am glad this shit show of desecration of Dan Brown’s books is over and glad he made some movie from it and MOSTLY glad I didn’t spend my hard earned bucks on this film and instead caught it for free on a streaming service!

Rating : 5/10. Starts out well, then muddles up midway and then loses the ending totally.

P.S: Let’s not get into the acting. Everyone was pretty horrible including our Irfan Khan and an overblown badass,

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